‘Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra – Behind the Curtain’

‘Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra – Behind the Curtain’
A documentary by Alex Klim

Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra - Behind the CurtainAged looking Tannhauser score sheet blowing in the desert wind.
Photo: Opening scene © 2012 Alex Klim

Latest Update: Post production, to be released in November 2012, watch out for final updates.

Film Info:
The film tells the story of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, a world class orchestra established by the Arabian Gulf state to further its aims of investing in culture and education and developing cross-cultural understanding and bonds. It starts in the beautiful desert of Qatar, in a dramatic scene set to the Tannhauser Overture, by the German composer Richard Wagner.
This stunning marriage of high art – Germany being the alma mater of Western classical music tradition – and the harsh, arid landscape sets the scene for the remarkable story that follows. In their own words, Kurt Meister, the executive director of the QPO, Nasser S. Nasseb, the stage manager, and six members of the orchestra tell their story of living and working in Qatar since the orchestra was established in 2007. They offer fascinating insights into the technical details of being part of a major orchestra, as well as showcasing the many important collaborations with regional and international artists that the QPO has enjoyed. Throughout the film, the viewer is treated to a unique opportunity to peer behind the curtain, and see just what it takes as the orchestra prepares for a concert performance at Katara’s Opera House.

‘Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra – Behind the Curtain’
Documentary – Doha, Qatar – appr. 35min

Produced by: Alex Klim & Dmitri Torchinsky
Directed by: Alex Klim
Title sequence design / VFX by: MHD Malak

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