W.A. Mozart in Qatar

Watch Salzburg (Austria) born composer Wolfgang A. Mozart’s ‘Sinfonia Concertante’ performed by Nina Heidenreich, Victor Soumenkov and members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

Mozart Sinfonia Concertante – Presto
Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

Nina Heidenreich, violin
Victor Soumenkov, viola
Michalis Economou, music director

Shot on 7D and Sony Z1. Recorded with only 2 cameras, one fixed on a Tripod (Z1) in the back of the hall, the other one operated by me (7D). Although a very minimalistic setup, I tried to focus on the soloist’s and cover their entry points as good as possible.

Sound recording by Gaston Matthjisse

Produced, Shot & Edited by Alex Klim
(c) 2012

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