A Glimpse of the Qatari Desert

 ‘A Glimpse of the Qatari Desert’ shows beautiful landscape shots of Qatar’s desert near Zekreet, including Richard Serra’s new sculpture, “East-West/West-East” – a set of four standing steel plates, trucked, and craned into place in the middle of the western Qatari desert. Another grand piece of public art purchased by the Gulf nation.

Actually, it’s my day off today, but that’s just what I love to do 😉 So I set my alarm at 3:30am and headed there in the morning to arrive early, trying to avoid the heat of the summer sun, as the temperature climbs up to 45 centigrade these days. This video is my personal artwork, not intended for commercial use.

Music by Tony Anderson, Open Arms

Created & edited by Alex Klim

Video frame grabs gallery:

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