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HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop Doha 2014 (1day) – Nov 29, 2014
– hosted by award winning filmmaker Alex Klim

Location: Westbay Doha (tbd)
Date: Saturday, Nov 29, 2014 – 9am to 6pm

– Camera settings for the ‘Film-Look’ (shutter speed, aperture, picture profiles, ISO)
– Choosing the right lens (Zoom vs Prime)
– Professional sound recording for HDSLRs
– Synching audio/video
– Professional lighting setup (3Point)
– Pros and cons of HDSLR cameras with video function
– Follow focus techniques
– Professional interview setup (camera position, light setup, sound setup,..)
– SPECIAL: Freefly Movi / Phantom 2 introduction
– Gear hands-on

Workshop Info
– fee: QAR 980 (USD 269)
– venue: WestBay Doha (tbd)
– open to aspiring filmmakers, photographers, and all those interested in filmmaking
– Coffee, snacks and full lunch buffet included!

Contact info & inquiries

Limited seats available, first come first serve!

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