Doha-Dubai in a minute – (GoPro Hero2)

Timelapse: 2000 single photos

On my short flight from Doha to Dubai I took the chance to test my new GoPro Hero2 setup for inflight timelapse. So I set up the cam to take a photo every 2 seconds, switched the spot meter function to ‘ON’ and put the camera in position. I also used the extra battery pack, although it wasn’t really necessary for this short trip.

Doing the math: The flight is around an hour – taking a picture every 2 seconds results in 30 pics per minute – which means 1 minute realtime flight is 1 sec of clip footage with 30fps. (I finally used 25fps). The final clip consists of more than 2000 single photos – we have the start and landing included.

My GoPro setup:
GoPro setup