DSLR Filmmaking Workshop (2012)

Big thanks to our DSLR filmmaking workshop class 2012. You rocked it!

This workshop is open to photographers, filmmakers and all those interested in filmmaking.

DSLR Filmmaking Workshop

About Alex Klim & Zaina Salameh

Alex KlimAlex Klim is a filmmaker and creative director from Vienna, Austria. He is currently based here in Doha, Qatar, and his passion for film has quickly catapulted him to exceptional standards of the professional filmmaking arena. His wide array of skill and talent has landed him remarkable projects including the official making of the ‘Ali Bin Ali jewelry & watches’ TV commercial – currently shown all over Qatar. It was shot by an international film crew in Germany with globally acclaimed Hollywood director of photography and visual effects expert Thomas Ackerman.
Apart from already being exposed to professional film sets, Alex is a specialist in DSLR filmmaking, and his experience goes even beyond that to other areas of film, equipment and editing. He is currently working on a documentary about the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra soon to be released November this year.

Zaina SalamehZaina Salameh is a graduate of Northwestern University in Qatar, winner of the Outstanding Student in Communications award 2012 and is currently engaged in documentary filmmaking for the Qatar Unified Imaging Project (QUIP) as well as freelance filmography for private industries both local and abroad; recently completing a commercial promoting a local Qatari fashion designer, soon to be aired on Fashion TV. Her field of study explored all areas of film, including cinematography, lighting, editing, directing, acting, theater studies, and other theory-based, history and analysis courses. Zaina’s passion for story-telling moves beyond the technical components of filmmaking to explore innovative ways of  communicating to an audience on screen, bringing her creative vision to life.

Workshop location: Doha
Date: January 2013

 Day 1
– Basic Camera settings for the “Film-Look” (shutter speed, picture profiles, white balance, shallow depth of field,…)
– Pros and cons of DSLR cameras with video function
– Professional sound recording for DSLRs
– Professional lighting (3Point)
– Gear hands-on (equipment will be available on location! – slider, crane, tripods, camera lights, mic,…)
– Shooting techniques (camera movements, framing, shot size, crossing the line…)
– Basic focus, follow focus, depth of field training
– How to setup an interview (camera position, light setup, sound setup,..)

Day 2
– Practice part (video/interview shooting)
– Basic time-lapse training including motion control and HDR
– Blue-screen/green-screen workflow
– Post production workflows (editing with Final Cut Pro/X, creating a time-lapse sequence via Quicktime & Photomatix)
– Editing tips & tricks (establishing shots, match cut, voice over, audio/video synch)
– Basic Color Grading
– Achieving the final ‘film look’

– Regular price: QR 1.400
– Students price: QR 1.200
– Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch & Soft Drinks included
– Venue: tbd
– Feel free to bring your own DSLR
– This workshop is open to photographers, filmmakers and all those interested in filmmaking
– Please arrive by 8.30am

Looking forward to seeing you at the first DSLR filmmaking workshop with Alex Klim & Zaina Salameh here in Doha!

For contact info & inquiries
Email: workshop@alexklim.com
Web: www.alexklim.com

Limited seats available, first come first serve!

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