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Filmmaker, Photographer, Entrepreneur

Alex Klim is an award-winning filmmaker, creative director, photographer and entrepreneur from Vienna, Austria. As a world traveler, his passion for film-making landed him some noteworthy international productions over the past 10 years – including major projects in Germany, Qatar, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Myanmar, Iraq, UK, Spain, and Austria. 

His work repertoire includes award winning commercials, documentaries, image films, social media clips, TV Ads, music videos and over 60 live orchestral concert recordings.

He has worked with international celebrities like Lionel Messi, Trevor Noah, Gordon Ramsey, Jennifer Lopez, Marcel Khalife, Hollywood director Thomas Ackerman, to name a few.

I usually don’t mic up,
but when I do, it’s Leo Messi.

I usually don’t do backstage,
but when I do, it’s Trevor Noah.

Besides being exposed to professional film sets, Alex is hosting various filmmaking and photography workshops at Universities and Schools around the globe. His clients include Volkswagen, Porsche, Vodafone, Ooredoo, Qatar Tourism Authority, Qatar Airways, Sasol, Starwood Group, FischerAppelt Qatar, RasGas, QIC, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra amongst others.

I usually don’t do gimbals,
but when I do, it’s Jennifer Lopez.

Alex is available for worldwide / international bookings, get in touch here.