Productions (selection)

If Woody Allen were about to make a movie in Vienna, this would probably be his opening scene. (Alex Klim)
Inspired by the ‘Midnight in Paris’, this personal-project was shot on location in Vienna, Austria.

Idea, shot & edited by Alex Klim 

Shot in the course of the opening ceremony of SIDRA Medical Center in Doha, Qatar. 

Agency: FischerAppelt Qatar
DOP & Pilot: Alex Klim
Edited by Alex Klim

Documentary – Retail Entertainment reinvented

Client: Premium Group
Video Production: Alex Klim

Doppelmayr Cable Car GmbH & Co KG is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, organized as a corporation in Austria as a wholly owned (100 %) subsidiary of the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group. Doppelmayr Cable Car uses cable propulsion technology in the creation of Automated People Movers, or APMs.

For more info visit:

Client: Doppelmayr
Director: Alex Klim
DOP: Stephan Schiffer, Alex Klim

Featuring Nina Heidenreich, Principal Second Violinist at Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. This short movie is a modern fairy tale about a young girl passing by a Music Store, getting attracted by a violin, falling into a dream and seeing herself as a talented violinist.

Shot at several locations in and around Doha, State of Qatar, including the Cultural Village, The Pearl-Qatar, The Villaggio Mall, Inland Sea and the Steinway Piano Gallery Qatar. Jules Massenet’s ‘Meditation’ from the Opera Thais serves as the main theme.

Client: Nina Heidenreich
Production: Alex Klim
Director: Alex Klim
Written, shot & edited by Alex Klim

We’ve experienced it. Now its time to share the thrill. See some of the highlights from the New Cayenne Launch event at St. Regis Hotel in this video.

Client: Porsche Doha
Agency: FischerAppelt Qatar
Production: Alex Klim
Shot & Edited by Stephan Schiffer

Produced for our client Kahramaa, the 3D animation video (3min) for kids is aimed to create Water Awareness in Qatar. Showcasing and explaining the full water circle from the desalination of sea water, lab testing and delivery to home, with Kahramaa’s mascot ‘Qatura’ (Waterdrop).

Client: Kahramaa
Production: Alex Klim
Project Lead: Sarah Euschen

Social Media Promotion Video for our client The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa. Be Well!

Client: The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa
Production: Alex Klim
Director: Alex Klim
DOP: Stephan Schiffer
1st AC: Alamin Zainulabdin

Yoga is a remedy for both the soul and the body! Challenge yourself and take your body to new heights with Oysho.

Client: Oysho
Agency: FourandOne
Production: Alex Klim
DOP: Stephan Schiffer
RPAS Pilot: Max Bagehorn

Thanks to the Ooredoo App, you can now check your balance, subscribe to the Ooredoo Passport, top-up and so much more. We designed the Ooredoo App to make self-service quicker and easier than ever before. Check out our video our head to… for more.

Client: Ooredoo
Director: Alex Klim
DOP: Stephan Schiffer

In this beautifully-shot video, the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra is seen frozen in their seats while Qatari artist Dana Al Fardan’s song “My Eyes” plays in the background.

The production was the result of a collaboration between QPO, DNA Records,, Austrian filmmaker and producer Alex Klim, and others.

Special Thanks to Sultan Al Thani for making this happen.

Award winning inspiring film showing the work of the mobile health clinics. Ooredoo, Indosat, and the Leo Messi Foundation partner together to make a difference in people’s lives in Indonesia. (2014 International Business Awards – Silver Stevies Award)

Film title: Making a difference in Indonesia
Client: Ooredoo
Director: Alex Klim
Storyboard, shot & edited by Alex Klim

Ooredoo Youtube link:

Ooredoo and the Leo Messi Foundation are partnering to launch mobile health clinics in Myanmar. Watch this beautiful award winning video as we take you through Myanmar to show you how we plan to help bring healthcare to people in need.

Film title: Making the case for mobile health clinics in Myanmar
Client: Ooredoo
Director: Alex Klim
Storyboard, shot & edited by Alex Klim

Stunning 4k aerials paired with heroic classical music, shot on the DJI Inspire for the St. Regis Doha Lifestyle campaign.

Client: St. Regis Doha
Produced, Directed & Edited by Alex Klim
Camera by Max Bagehorn

Music: The Endless Pursuit by Richard Canavan |

 ‘A Glimpse of the Qatari Desert’ shows beautiful landscape shots of Qatar’s desert near Zekreet, including Richard Serra’s new sculpture, “East-West/West-East” – a set of four standing steel plates, trucked, and craned into place in the middle of the western Qatari desert. Another grand piece of public art purchased by the Gulf nation.

Created & edited by Alex Klim

Promo trailer for Doha Comedy Day. It’s the biggest ‪summer‬ comedy show coming up in ‪Doha, Qatar, hosting the funniest standup comedians in the GCC. Presented by Qatar Tourism Authority and Qatar Summer Festival 2015.

Client: Social Studio
Production: Alex Klim

#WeChooseQatar (We Choose Qatar): In a world riddled with questions of identity, roots and origins, it becomes imperative to have a modern take on what drives us. #WeChooseQatar is a Doha based campaign that zooms in on the lives of the developing gulf state of Qatar and it’s residents. Locals and expats interact everyday in a place they call home.

The creators of the project Viennese filmmaker Alex Klim and Egyptian radio personality Nabil Al Nashar are co-producing this project, inspired by their many years living in Qatar.

Production: Alex Klim & Nabil Al Nashar
Director: Alex Klim
Screenplay, Voiceover: Nabil Al Nashar

Mawater Desert Safety Tips

Client: Ooredoo Qatar
Camera: Alex Klim, Stephan Schiffer
Edited by: Stephan Schiffer
UAV pilot: Max Bagehorn

Shot at the famous Souq Waqif (located in the City of Doha, State of Qatar) while walking around and talking to the people in the Video. I used my 7D and a Sigma 30mm – 1.4 lens. All shots are hand-held to capture the experience and flair from a visitor’s POV, no extra lighting or any other additional gear was used, as I didn’t want to scare people and also catch the real Souq experience.

Produced, shot & edited by Alex Klim

‘One Moment’ is a short film produced in Doha, Qatar by filmmaker Alex Klim (Violin Dreams in Qatar, The Beauty of Souq Waqif). It tells a very strong and emotional story of a young couple spending a day on the beach together. Everything seems perfect until the last moment, where the story takes an unexpected turn…

Produced, Written & Directed by Alex Klim

Juanita Duque as ‘The Girl’
Kareem Sharawi as ‘The Boy’

Filmed on location in Doha, Qatar at The St. Regis Doha.
Thanks to our social media partner ILQ –

(c) 2013 by

Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), in collaboration with Sasol Qatar, has introduced new educational tools intended to reduce the fear and anxiety often associated with diabetes in young children.

Custom-made for QDA, Salem and Sarah are plush characters developed to provide educational support and comfort for children living with type 1 diabetes in Qatar and across the region; an initiative that supports Qatar Foundation in its mission to be a catalyst for change by leveraging its experiences, knowledge and capabilities.

Read more about the project:

Client: Qatar Diabetes Association / Sasol
Production: The Art Of Business, Alex Klim
Shot & Directed by: Alex Klim

Good vibes & atmosphere while shooting the teaser video for the ‪#‎SHOUT‬ event at The St. Regis Doha. Vol.3’s coming up on April 17th, check it out!

Client: St. Regis Doha
Produced & Shot by Alex Klim
Aerials: Jessie Palanca

Teaser video produced for Qatar National Kiteboarding, showing the 2014 Formula Kite Course Racing – Asian Championships. Held 10th to 15th Nov 2014 in Doha, Qatar. We used Canon DSLRs, DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro 3 and 3D gimbal and the Movi M5 for the shots.

Client: Qatar National Kiteboarding
Produced by Alex Klim
Shot & edited by Alex Klim & Stephan Schiffer


Client: Massiv
Production: Bilal Taha
Director: Tony Salah
Director of Photography / Camera: Alex Klim, Zaina Salameh

Award winning clip! The Qatar Museum Authority needed a short clip to aid them with their UK recruitment drive.
The brief was simple but challenging – show the museum as a fun place to work and show as much of Qatar as is possible in 90 seconds. This is our solution – 5 employees, 3 crews, 137 locations and four days of shooting.

This clip won an award in the “Best Editing” category at the 2012 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

Client: Qatar Museum Authority
Production: Resolution Productions, Doha
Director: Tim Langford
DOP, Camera (3crews): Alex Klim, Rob Gardner, Ethan Schaeffer

Marcel Khalifé with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra – Salamon Alaiki
Recorded LIVE in concert on Feb 20th, 2012 at the Katara Cultural Village Opera House in Doha, Qatar

Client: Qatar Foundation / Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra
Production: Alex Klim
Director: Alex Klim
Sound recording: Gaston Matthijsse