Trip to Iraq

As so many people asked me about my recent trip to Iraq, here’s a short travel report. Don’t be harsh on me, it’s my first one… Let me know your thoughts or if you got any further questions. Enjoy reading, Cheers Alex

View from my hotel room. Note: That's a mountain in the background, not a sand dune.
View from my hotel room. Note: That’s a mountain in the background, not a sand dune.

When I was first asked if I’d be willing to shoot and direct a commercial for a product launch in Iraq, I had no idea whether this was a good idea or not. My first reaction was like ‘Omg , Iraq! Why on earth would I wanna go there?’… It turned out to be in Sulaimaniyah, a huge city with around 1.6 million people in the south of Iraqi Kurdistan. After talking to the Austrian ambassador in Amman (we have no embassy in Iraq) and a chat with my client about the trip and organizational stuff, I decided to go for it. That was the start to my short 3 day journey to a new part in my travel life. My flight was scheduled for Jan 7 from Doha to Sulaimaniyah, which is a short flight of around 2hours. We had some delay in Doha but after 2 hours we finally hit the runway towards Iraqi Kurdistan. Lucky me, with my Passport I don’t need any VISA for Kurdistan. Officially I would need one for whole Iraq but the local authorities allow a 15day stay if you fly in directly via Erbil or Sulaimaniyah.

So here we go, Alex goes Iraq. Sounded a bit scary first, but I was sure it’ll all be fine.

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