Aquapark TVC – BTS

Had a good time directing the new TV Commercial for Aquapark Qatar. Great cast & crew. Worked with some amazing new talents. Love it to see my storyboard ideas getting reality ;)

One thing though, our drone pilot crashed a DJI Phantom 2 with mounted GoPro4 into the water. Happens ;)
‘Enjoy’ the crash footage and some of the BTS photos.

Thank You!

Big thanks to all colleagues, friends, business partners and followers – who always supported and helped to make this year the most amazing year ever. Looking forward to make 2015 another successful one, got some new challenging projects coming up – stay tuned  Wishing you all lots of healthiness, contentedness, happiness and success. Love Alex

2015 Alex Klim Thank You

Qatar ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This morning hundreds of people followed a call from ILQ – for a mass Ice Bucket Challenge in Doha to raise awareness for ALS. Everyboday who participated also donated, we raised around USD 1.000 today. Thanks to all participants, organizers and the St. Regis Doha for providing the venue.

Watch the Doha video here, three cities have been nominated: Dubai, Manila and Beirut.

Want to donate yourself? Visit

Video by Alex Klim, special thanks to Dimitri Yuri.

A Glimpse of the Qatari Desert

 ‘A Glimpse of the Qatari Desert’ shows beautiful landscape shots of Qatar’s desert near Zekreet, including Richard Serra’s new sculpture, “East-West/West-East” – a set of four standing steel plates, trucked, and craned into place in the middle of the western Qatari desert. Another grand piece of public art purchased by the Gulf nation.

Actually, it’s my day off today, but that’s just what I love to do ;) So I set my alarm at 3:30am and headed there in the morning to arrive early, trying to avoid the heat of the summer sun, as the temperature climbs up to 45 centigrade these days. This video is my personal artwork, not intended for commercial use.

Music by Tony Anderson, Open Arms

Created & edited by Alex Klim

Video frame grabs gallery:

First test footage: Phantom 2 with GoPro 3 and H3-3D gimbal

First Flight ViennaFrame grab from the test footage

First test footage shot in Vienna today (May 13, 2014) with the new Phantom 2 copter with GoPro Hero 3 and Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal. It was my first flight and all went fine. The outcome blew me away, more than I ever expected. The battery lasted around 25mins. Will shoot some more stuff this week. Use my reward code URL in case you plan to purchase, so the both of us get extra credits –


Music: David Bowie / Heroes

Update (17 May 2014) – Today the outdoor transport case I ordered online (EUR 66.- incl. 20% VAT) arrived, took me around 1hour to prepare the foam rubber though, but finally all stored and ready to go everywhere ;)

Phantom2 Transport Case


Doha-Dubai in a minute – (GoPro Hero2)

Timelapse: 2000 single photos

On my short flight from Doha to Dubai I took the chance to test my new GoPro Hero2 setup for inflight timelapse. So I set up the cam to take a photo every 2 seconds, switched the spot meter function to ‘ON’ and put the camera in position. I also used the extra battery pack, although it wasn’t really necessary for this short trip.

Doing the math: The flight is around an hour – taking a picture every 2 seconds results in 30 pics per minute – which means 1 minute realtime flight is 1 sec of clip footage with 30fps. (I finally used 25fps). The final clip consists of more than 2000 single photos – we have the start and landing included.

My GoPro setup:
GoPro setup