Trip to New York City

Here’s some pictures I took during my short trip to NYC while walking through Manhattan. This city literally never sleeps, even at 3am in the morning one can buy hot dogs and has to queue up eventually.. Anyway, I flew in for the weekend to attend Vincent Laforet’s ‘Directing Motion Workshop’, and it was totally worth the trip ;)





Qatar TV: Documentary about the Katara Fishing Competition (6 episodes)

Check out the documentary (6 episodes) I worked on as DOP last summer. It was one of the hardest shoots I’ve ever been on with a film crew of 40+ people. Up to 20h working days were the norm. It tells the story behind the famous annual Katara Fishing Competition where dozens of Dhows with their Qatari crews sail out for a week and show their fishing skills. It was shown on Qatar TV and all 6 episodes are now available online. Watch and enjoy.

Qatar TV link: