Interview with Hollywood Director of Photography – Thomas Ackerman, ASC

I had the opportunity to speak to renowned Hollywood Director of Photography – Thomas Ackerman, ASC (Jumanji, George from the Jungle) – while on set in Munich for the new ‘AliBinAli’ TV Commercial. (Production: Voodoopartners - Producer Axel Breuer) Here 's the transcript of the complete interview - I shot for the official 'Making Of' [...]

‘Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra – Behind the Curtain’

'Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra - Behind the Curtain' A documentary by Alex Klim Aged looking Tannhauser score sheet blowing in the desert wind. Photo: Opening scene © 2012 Alex Klim Latest Update: Post production, to be released in November 2012, watch out for final updates. Film Info:The film tells the story of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, [...]