Webinar: Create Your own Time-Lapse film today – with Alex Klim

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Just in case you missed it, here’s the Time-Lapse Webinar I hosted for Entube Center (Ministry of Youth and Sports) about how to ‘Create your own time-lapse film today’ – Watch the full 1 hour Webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK3e6y1l6Co

DSLR cameras have significantly changed the landscape in the film industry. Cameras like the Canon 5D and 7D have been the top choices for indie filmmakers in the past couple of years. At film festivals across the world, short films, documentaries and even feature films are being shot on those cameras. What the DSLR represents in the film industry today, is an affordable solution for high end filmmaking.

Thank You!

Big thanks to all colleagues, friends, business partners and followers – who always supported and helped to make this year the most amazing year ever. Looking forward to make 2015 another successful one, got some new challenging projects coming up – stay tuned  Wishing you all lots of healthiness, contentedness, happiness and success. Love Alex

2015 Alex Klim Thank You


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HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop Doha 2014 (1day) – Nov 29, 2014
– hosted by award winning filmmaker Alex Klim

Location: Westbay Doha (tbd)
Date: Saturday, Nov 29, 2014 – 9am to 6pm

– Camera settings for the ‘Film-Look’ (shutter speed, aperture, picture profiles, ISO)
– Choosing the right lens (Zoom vs Prime)
– Professional sound recording for HDSLRs
– Synching audio/video
– Professional lighting setup (3Point)
– Pros and cons of HDSLR cameras with video function
– Follow focus techniques
– Professional interview setup (camera position, light setup, sound setup,..)
– SPECIAL: Freefly Movi / Phantom 2 introduction
– Gear hands-on

Workshop Info
– fee: QAR 980 (USD 269)
– venue: WestBay Doha (tbd)
– open to aspiring filmmakers, photographers, and all those interested in filmmaking
– Coffee, snacks and full lunch buffet included!

Contact info & inquiries
Email: alexklim@me.com
Web: www.alexklim.com

Limited seats available, first come first serve!

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Trip to New York City

Here’s some pictures I took during my short trip to NYC while walking through Manhattan. This city literally never sleeps, even at 3am in the morning one can buy hot dogs and has to queue up eventually.. Anyway, I flew in for the weekend to attend Vincent Laforet’s ‘Directing Motion Workshop’, and it was totally worth the trip ;)







Dear friends, colleagues & clients,

I had an amazing year 2013 – successfully produced, directed and contributed to more than 30 projects around the world – was lucky enough to work with creative & like-minded people in Doha, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Vienna, Munich, London, Dubai and Crete. Am now taking a couple of days off to recharge and meet my family back home – before I start into the new year 2014 with confirmed projects coming up first week of January.



HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop 2013


Please Email your details (Name, Email, Mobile) to get notification on the next workshops – Email to: alexklim@me.com

I’m overwhelmed by the huge response for my filmmaking workshop! THANK YOU and looking forward to seeing you Sep 14! ILQ – iloveqatar.net is giving away one last seat to a lucky winner, see more here: http://on.fb.me/17GgtvF

HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop (1day) – Sept 14, 2013
– with Alex Klim (Violin Dreams in Qatar, One Moment)
Location: Doha
Date: Saturday, Sept 14, 2013 – 9am to 6pm
– Camera settings for the ‘Film-Look’ (shutter speed, picture profiles, ISO)
– Choosing the right lens (Zoom vs Prime)
– Shooting handheld vs tripod/slider/crane
– Professional sound recording for HDSLRs
– Synching audio/video
– Professional lighting setup (3Point)
– Pros and cons of HDSLR cameras with video function
– Gear hands-on (slider, crane, tripods, lights, mattebox, sound recorder, mic, …)
– Basic focus, follow focus, depth of field training
– How to setup an interview (camera position, light setup, sound setup,..)
– Blue-screen/green-screen workflow
– Timelapse techniques
– Postproduction Workflow
Workshop info:
– fee: QAR 980
– venue: Doha
– bring your own DSLR (Canon, Nikon,..)
– open to aspiring photographers, filmmakers and all those interested in filmmaking
– tea, coffee, snacks
Limited seats available, first come first serve!
About Alex Klim

Alex Klim is a filmmaker, cinematographer and producer from Vienna, Austria, currently based in Doha, Qatar – his passion for film has quickly catapulted him to exceptional standards of the professional filmmaking arena.

His wide array of skill and talent has landed him remarkable projects – including popular Music Videos for international artists (Massiv – 1Million Youtube views!, Violin Dreams in Qatar), LIVE concert recordings for Marcel Khalife with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, a Timelapse film shown on international TV stations and his recently released short film ‘One Moment‘ has gone viral all over Qatar.

Apart from already being exposed to professional film sets, Alex is a specialist in HDSLR filmmaking and is hosting filmmaking workshops. His experience goes even beyond that to other areas of film, equipment, lighting and editing.
Alex has worked for clients such as Qatar Airways, Ooredoo, Red Bull Qatar, SAP, Listerine, QMA, Maersk, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, and many more.

Timelapse Workshop Doha – Video Clip

It’s a wrap! THX to all participants who joined and made our Timelapse Workshop a huge success. Check out the amazing video we created during the workshop. Next time I’ll set the crew call to 5am to capture some clouds :)

DSLR Timelapse Workshop 2013 – Doha, Qatar. Hosted by Simon Kearns & Alex Klim. This short clip was produced, shot & edited within 5hours in the course of our Timelapse Workshop Doha (Feb 8-9, 2013). Big thanks to all participants.

Shot on Canon 7D. Music by ‘The American Dollar – Signaling Through The Flames’.