Qatar TV: Documentary about the Katara Fishing Competition (6 episodes)

Check out the documentary (6 episodes) I worked on as DOP last summer. It was one of the hardest shoots I’ve ever been on with a film crew of 40+ people. Up to 20h working days were the norm. It tells the story behind the famous annual Katara Fishing Competition where dozens of Dhows with their Qatari crews sail out for a week and show their fishing skills. It was shown on Qatar TV and all 6 episodes are now available online. Watch and enjoy.

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MōVI M5 unboxing in Vienna – first impressions, final import costs & rental info

The toy

(Updated April 25, 2014) Today my new toy – the ‘MōVI M5’ from FREEFLYSYSTEMS – arrived at my holiday location in Vienna, Austria (only 5days after the final payment was transferred). It came in a huge box, bigger than expected. Ok, it comes with the additional Controller (for dual operator mode) and DP4 HD monitor… can’t wait to open the box. Will update this blog within the next hours and share my unboxing experience, detailed info about the foam rubber measurements to find the right size for the transport case, my personal user experience comparing it to the MōVI M10 – which I have used a lot in Doha these days. I’ll also publish all details about the additional costs when importing it to Europe (customs clearance, VAT, shipping). Enjoy reading.

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WE DID IT! 1 MILLION VIEWS on Youtube!!!!

The music video our crew produced in Doha for german rapper Massiv hit a million views on Youtube this morning.

Thanks to all cast and crew, Producer Bilal Taha, Director Tony Salah, Cinematographer Alex Klim – & Zaina Salameh. Made our day ;)

Rumors going around that our cameo appearance made it happen – Check it out, Bilal and Alex are both in the video ;)

Timelapse Workshop Doha – Video Clip

It’s a wrap! THX to all participants who joined and made our Timelapse Workshop a huge success. Check out the amazing video we created during the workshop. Next time I’ll set the crew call to 5am to capture some clouds :)

DSLR Timelapse Workshop 2013 – Doha, Qatar. Hosted by Simon Kearns & Alex Klim. This short clip was produced, shot & edited within 5hours in the course of our Timelapse Workshop Doha (Feb 8-9, 2013). Big thanks to all participants.

Shot on Canon 7D. Music by ‘The American Dollar – Signaling Through The Flames’.