Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra announces new Music Director – Han-Na Chang (29) from South Korea

29 year old Han-Na Chang from South Korea has been announced as the new Music Director of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra for the 2013-14 season.

Watch the introduction video we created for the official press conference in Doha, Qatar.

Produced by Alex Klim, Bruce Robinson

First frame grabs of ‘Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante’ – Video coming soon!

Full house at tonights concert at the Aspire Zone – Ladies Club in Doha, Qatar. Michalis Economou, music director – Nina Heidenreich, violin – Victor Soumenkov, viola – and the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. I used my Sony Z1 and Canon 7D, lets see how these two cameras match in the final videoclip.

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Photo: Violinist Nina Heidenreich 20min prior to the concert
Photo: Violinist Nina Heidenreich 20min prior to the concert

‘Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra – Behind the Curtain’

‘Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra – Behind the Curtain’
A documentary by Alex Klim

Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra - Behind the CurtainAged looking Tannhauser score sheet blowing in the desert wind.
Photo: Opening scene © 2012 Alex Klim

Latest Update: Post production, to be released in November 2012, watch out for final updates.

Film Info:
The film tells the story of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, a world class orchestra established by the Arabian Gulf state to further its aims of investing in culture and education and developing cross-cultural understanding and bonds. It starts in the beautiful desert of Qatar, in a dramatic scene set to the Tannhauser Overture, by the German composer Richard Wagner.
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